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I work from my coaching room in Dubai, face-to-face or via telephone or Zoom.


Transformative work takes time. Clients work with me for between three to six-months, often returning for top-up sessions as and when they need.


The frequency of sessions is at the client’s discretion; most schedule sessions at one- to two-weekly intervals.


Over the course of our time together we design a collaborative way of working specific to your personal needs.


An initial 90-minute ‘discovery session’ allows me to understand the challenges you are facing and to clarify what you want to achieve from coaching. We set goals to focus our work.


In subsequent sessions, which last 45-60 minutes, I am led by whatever you choose to discuss.


As your personal coach I am your confidante, guide and support; I will listen, question and set tasks and challenges for you to complete.


In-between sessions I provide the structure and focus necessary for you to remain in action and accountable to the personal commitments that you choose to make.


I like to create a safe, yet fun environment for clients to feel seen, heard and championed without judgement. I will also challenge you to give up self-limiting thoughts and self-defeating habits. At times you will need to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. This is where real and lasting change takes place.


Coaching is an investment in YOU! This investment will support you to make significant and beneficial changes in your life. These changes can happen quickly but often take time, patience and commitment. The idea is that when the going gets tough, we stay in collaboration and work through to the other side!


Confidentiality and a sincere interest in you will always be my promise.


Feeling curious and wanting to find out more?


Contact me now for a free chemistry session.

Life  Coaching...


My fees are commensurate with industry standards for experienced certified coaches.


Discounted rates are available for coaching packages.


I offer pro-bono coaching on a case-by-case basis.

Life Coaching will support you to deal with challenges in any aspect of your life, whilst taking you on a rewarding journey of insightful learning, personal growth and self-development.

During our time together, you will get to know yourself better in terms of who you are and what you want next for yourself. You will also come to understand what it’s like to lead a meaningful life in which the choices that you make and the goals that you set bring about professional success and personal fulfilment, sustained by healthy lifestyle habits.




“ You should speak to Heidi-Mai ” I find myself saying this a lot, I was skeptical and even cynical about seeing a life coach, I was flying in all aspects of life, what help did I need? She opened the door to so much hidden creativity, I now smile when I make decisions and feel empowered from all that Heidi-Mai found within me.


—  Sharaz Hussain

CEO, ED&F Man Mena Ltd

Dubai, UAE

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