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Currently living in Dubai, and with the benefit of modern technology, I offer leadership development, career transition, and life coaching programmes to high-flying, mid-career professionals residing in the Middle East, UK, USA and further afield: FTSE 100 CEOs, government officials, bankers, lawyers, pilots, medics, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes, is to name just a few.


The one thing all my clients have in common is that despite having been successful, they find themselves feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next in their personal lives or professional careers.  


They are in a place of transition, things are not how they want them to be, yet they don’t know how to move on to the next chapter. Motivation is lacking, energy levels low and performance under par. 

Clients feel ...

  • Unsure about leadership priorities and career development

  • Challenged by interpersonal and managerial issues

  • Uncertain of the future following organisational restructure/redundancy

  • Unclear about career options and transferability of skills 

  • Anxious about radical change yet longing to do something more meaningful 

  • Worried about the loss of a hard-earned reputation

  • Stressed, burnt-out and struggling to achieve work-life balance

  • Resentful adapting to a new stage in life i.e. parenthood, returning to work, retirement

  • Overwhelmed from moving country and adapting to a new culture

  • Unmotivated to adopt healthy habits i.e. avoiding exercise, drinking too much, addicted to social media

  • Isolated, down in the dumps and apathetic about most things in life

Whatever the challenge, I take clients from a state of self-doubt and uncertainty through a reflective and transformative process to gain clarity about; who they are at their best, what they want to achieve and importantly, what experiences and skills they can draw upon, or need to develop, to get themselves back on track.


Clients leave my sessions with increased self-awareness, motivation and a toolbox of strategies to create lasting change. They feel confident, optimistic and energised about their next step. This may involve radical change, so together we set goals and create the necessary structure to ensure they remain accountable to their own personal growth and development.


Don’t hesitate any longer, contact me now for a free chemistry session.


You can also find out what my CLIENTS SAY

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