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What people say...

“ You should speak to Heidi-Mai ” I find myself saying this a lot, I was skeptical and even cynical about seeing a life coach, I was flying in all aspects of life, what help did I need? She opened the door to so much hidden creativity, I now smile when I make decisions and feel empowered from all that Heidi-Mai found within me.

—  Sharaz Hussain

CEO, ED&F Man Mena Ltd

Dubai, UAE

Working with Heidi-Mai has quite simply been transformational. She has helped me to transform my thinking, my behaviour, my goals and my views of myself. She was not afraid to ask the tough questions and challenge me when I needed challenging, but within the safe confines of a supportive and compassionate professional relationship.


She has helped me to dig deep beneath the surface and increase my personal awareness and enhance my progress towards professional ambitions. Heidi-Mai's skills, expertise and qualifications are important but it's the uniqueness of what she brings alongside these that makes her coaching invaluable.

—  Dr Joanne Hudson

Associate Professor

Swansea University, UK

I'm writing this testimonial for Heidi-Mai with pride and happiness because she has really been one of the most important 'forces' in the transformation of my mind-set about life throughout the last few months. I really went through such an awakening journey! Heidi-Mai was a recommendation from a close family member and now she is a key pillar in my life as a mentor, emotional intelligence instructor and a success coach!!!


She was so full of energy and commitment every time she worked with me. She NEVER took 'no' for an answer. I am so thankful and appreciative for her support, passion and learning. I feel ready now to move forward with my life. For anyone looking to change for the better... in any any time... Heidi-Mai will add value.

—  Layla Lewis

HR Recruitment Specialist at Middle East Broadcasting Centre

Dubai, UAE

Heidi-Mai is a methodical, professional and efficient coach. She draws on her expertise, experience and understanding to provide coaching solutions that facilitate finding clarity, direction and determining actions for an effective way forwards.


The coaching process with Heidi-Mai is positive, progressive and fun. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, as effective use of technology makes the coaching possible.

—  Kimberley Kay Robinson

Illustrator, Inspirer, Artist

Sheffield, UK

I think I truly realised what progress I had made through Life Coaching with Heidi-Mai, when my life started to feel less of a roller coaster and instead I was moving forward on cruise control and enjoying the present without constantly and anxiously referring to the past and future.  


Working with Heidi-Mai has allowed me to connect with my values and build my brand in accordance with those. Her openness and honesty has made the entire experience far less daunting and allowed my vulnerabilities to flourish in the most compassionate of ways. I feel extremely lucky to have found her.

—  Meera Judge

Business Manager, ED&F Man Mena Ltd

Dubai, UAE

Heidi-Mai successfully helped me work through some difficult decisions and issues, which at the time seemed insurmountable. Her personable and straightforward approach works for me and she can be tough but always very supportive. She always follows through and for me has regularly exceeded expectation.

—  Jim Kane

Managing Director at Kane Property Group

Harrogate, UK

A fabulous path of self-discovery, understanding, acknowledging and appreciating my individual needs and accepting areas of my life that really did require attention, focus and ultimately change. Heidi-Mai held my hand throughout my journey, with incredible empathy, and led me to a place where I was able to fully appreciate the positives and encouraged me to boldly face those aspects of my life that I had hidden from for years, my own demons.


She inspired me to find the strength and courage to change those things that were in my power to change and gave me phenomenal strategies to cope with those things that were not within my reach. The best thing I have ever done - eternally grateful.

—  Barbara Hordjik

Dubai, UAE

I’m so keen on personal development. Heidi-Mai offered me a session in exchange for a personal training session for her daughter. At the time I was in a good place with life and didn’t think I needed coaching but thought, okay I’ll give it a try. After the first session, I went straight ahead and booked 10 sessions! I loved it so much!


For me it’s important not to wait until things get too bad before we reach for help... prevention rather than the cure. Being in a good place meant I was open, receptive and I can’t shout enough about the sessions... These sessions helped me in all walks of life, my career, my family, and most importantly my outlook. I’ve learnt some tools from HM that I use daily even now.

—  Victoria Hall

Personal Trainer, VH Fitness

Dubai UAE

Heidi is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life, both on a professional and personal level. Her thorough and sharply focused coaching approach takes you on a discovery dive deep into your personality to realize your full potential in life. Heidi-Mai’s genuineness and perseverant dedication inspires people to become the best version of themselves, reaching new limits they never thought existed.


I will always be grateful for the inspiration and enlightenment she brought into my life and the profound impact she had on my soul.

—  Rania Sleem

Senior Manager-Enterprise Requirement Management 

DU Telecommunications

Dubai, UAE

I reached out to Heidi-Mai after she was highly recommended on a number of social media groups. 


From the very first session, she made me feel safe and comfortable, as she was very accommodating and gave me the platform to express myself without any judgment. Heidi-Mai was great at getting me to refocus whenever I went off on a tangent, which was quite often! I finished each session feeling positive and ready to go and I was never judged if actions were not completed, but instead Heidi-Mai gave time to explore the inhibitors that were stopping me from achieving my goals.


I would highly recommend Heidi-Mai as a Life and Career Coach. She is compassionate, patient, focused and truly has your best interests at heart.’

—  Anita Banghard

HR Professional

Dubai UAE 

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